About our company

CHAROON THAI SILK | Thai Silk Designer and Weaver

Founded in 1970. Design and carefully weave the most exquisite fabric, Thai Silk in home decoration,

for where the east meets the west.


With over 40 years of expertise in Thai Silk, We, Charoon Thai Silk, has been designing and weaving

Thai silk for home decoration. All these years, we’re standing next to our old traditional hand-loom,

looking at our silk and excited with their many textures possible. Yet their vibrant mixture of colors

has surprised us.

Most people could have already know the regular plain silk, could be for garments or for home


While we’re standing here, yearning that people would see Thai Silk as much as we do and cherish

their beauty with us. This inspires us to launch Charoon Thai Silk.


Charoon Thai Silk was founded nearly 40 years ago. The company is headed and owned by a couple.

We had been designing and weaving Thai Silk, collaborate with many recognized designers. Our

fabrics draw inspiration from combining the traditional and modern weaving methods. Along the

way, we develop silk in terms of texture, colors and also the breed of silkworm itself. We start our

fabric from its cocoon, to silk yarn, to coloring, designing, weaving and finishing. With everything

under the same roof, every piece of details is carefully considered and selected.


In the year of Thai art and handicraft (1988), we were

awarded the prize of 'Outstanding Exporter' by the

Thai Ministry of Commerce.

Pride in the past is carried into the future. Our aim at

Charoon Thai Silk is to continue to lead the way at the

forefront of Thai silk production.